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Darklands Box, 1992-95
Darklands Box-Cover Art
...an original scan by Matt Wirkkala

The DL FAQ is
put together by:

  • CMB: C. Michel Boucher
  • FF: Fred Farzanegan
  • DA: Dennis Ahr
  • AvL: Alexander von Lünen
  • MEB: Marilyn E. Burford
  • GRL: Garrett R. Le-Page


    German Darklands Box-Cover
    ...a scan by " Soth," via MobyGames

    Darklands Ad, 1991
    Early Microprose Ad Graphic
    ...an original scan by Matt Wirkkala

    An Unofficial Resource for Players of

    Darklands, by MicroProse


    The Darklands FAQ is:

    Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1998
    (except for quoted material, as indicated)

    Specifically for version 483.07 of Darklands

    Darklands downloads:

    Program and Demos

    -- See: FAQ, section 2, "Technobabble". --

    Program Patches

    -- See: FAQ, section 2, "Technobabble". --

    Utilities, Editors, Cheats, and Aides

    -- See: FAQ, section 2, "Technobabble". --

    Files from the FAQ

    -- As cited in section six. --

    Publications and Documentation

    -- See: FAQ, section 2, "Technobabble". --





    The MIDI and Music Files have been moved to their own page ...
    (Melody and file sources are as cited.)


    Desktop Themes


    Player Saved Games



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    Microprose is a subsidiary of Hasbro Interactive © 1999.

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    Matthew L. Wirkkala

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