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Darklands Saved-game Files:

  • The " NEON-HAIR " Bug Example: (Battle-mode sprite colour attribute/palette shift)

    • What Microprose says about it in the Darklands ReadMe:
      "We very much regret that an extremely rare problem may cause a battlefield character to suffer some color changes in battle. However, you as a player won't notice the change until the next battle. The bad part is the change is stored in the saved game file. You can fix up your characters by returning to an old saved game. For example, in battle #3 you notice Gretch has green hair (yuck). If you return to a saved game prior to battle #2, Gretch will be fine again. We apologize for this work-around. We've tried all sorts of tools and traps for this condition, and spent hundreds of hours testing for it. We'd be delighted to publicize the name of the first person who can tell us how to make it occur upon demand."
    • Darklands saved-games, "Passau" and "Two Quests",
    • -- Provided by: Mary-Lou Quick (and John) --

    • Darklands saved-games, "AAAAAHH Purple!!"
      -- Provided by: Jochem Verberg --  
      Before and after of a party that just wants to be purple. It happens with an encounter with a Raubritter just NW of Ulm in winter of 1401/1402. Jochem says these whacky adventurers have even turned green or blue!
    • Darklands List Archives Keyword Search:
      "Neon Hair"; "Green Hair"; "Blue Hair"; "turning Purple"; "Bad Hair"; "Character Color"; "Palette Shift" .
      (For manual queries, do *not* use double-quotes in your search string if they are not literally expected.)

  • A set of saves provided by Francis:

  • Browse this directory for the saved-games and other files archived here...

  • That's all for now! -MLW :)

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