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Writs, Rumours, and Whisperings

"Sacrifices" (aka Diebin Am Nacht),  by Timothy Parker

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Table of Contents

  1. (pg.ii ) Of how this Tale is Herold.
  2. (pg.1) How the Brethren came to a Raubritter castle, how they entered and how they rescued a maiden held captive there, and what they did after.
  3. (pg.11) How Sieghard kept a great hound at the castle, and of the Norse woman there, and of how they spake together.
  4. (pg.17) Of how the Brethren did flee with the Maiden, and of their encounter with the castle guard.
  5. (pg.23) Of how the beast was smote;
    of how their flight was discovered,
    and of the battle that followed;
  6. (pg.28) Of the encounter with Sieghard, and of how they spake with him;



  1. (pg.32) The encounter with the Black Knight, and of the nine golden maidens that watched;
  2. (pg.36) Of Longshank's dilemma, of the consequences it raught, and how the one of the nine was pleased.
  3. (pg.43) How many were smote down by a Brethren's vengence, and how the Black Knight was sought by him.
  4. (pg.50) How Longshanks loosed his challenge; how Timeras was as Lazaras and how his Brethren was glad of him;
  5. (pg.54) How the Black Knight was made known to them, and how they staid fast against their host;
  6. (pg.59) Of how the Maiden and the Brethren were parted.
  7. (pg.61) Of the people, places, and other things in this tale.

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