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Tokens and Signets

his, fair Traveller, is the great hall of our freehouse. Here, we convene with delegates and ambassadors from far away lands and display the tokens, signets, and coats of sister houses from across the realms. Feel free to partake of their hospitality; they share our love for a warm hearth and tale well-told. We have a saying among the houses: "Welcome by one, welcome by all."


Vendors and Sources

Ultimate Darklands is your surest bet in finding your own legitimate copy of Darklands on CD-ROM. These are the latest version you can get (v483.07) which means no upgrades required! UD even carries copies of the Official Hintbook!! They accept a variety of payment methods and ship to several countries.
NOTE: Ultimate Darklands is not directly affiliated with the Darklands Domain or the Darklands FAQ. This information is presented strictly as a service to the Darklands community.

ebay is the place to go if you are looking for an original box-set with the real manual or the supplementary Clue Book. There is almost always an active Darklands auction going on. Be prepared, however, to pay a premium for original, out of print materials. Check out these links for current auctions on ebay for the Darklands game or the Darklands cluebook. NOTE: In case you didn't know, you must register with ebay before you can place a bid on any item.

If nothing comes up in the previous sources AND you can't wait to get your hands on an original set, you can see if the Game Trading Zone has any copies of Darklands available. This is a peer-to-peer site for bartering games. Seekers list what they are looking for and what they have to offer. NOTE: This is an "on your honor" system, so buyer beware!


Friendly Houses

Matt's "Schmerker Inn on the Web!" Originally known as "Darklands on FastFish at the North Pole" - This site was founded to supplement the DLFAQ and served as the proto-type for the Darklands Domain. The "Schmerker Inn" is coming back into service and will feature: proto-experimental content you can see and comment upon before it get's released, as well as editorial content and other items not destined for "official" release, on Darklands.Net. So get a peek behind the scenes, and see it first: check out the Schmirker Inn. Planned items are: updates on latest news about aquiring your own copy of DL; links to other sites, big & small, featuring DL; mirrors of some of the more important DL content sites (for when links are broken); a trouble-shooting page focusing on the how-to's of reporting bugs, and posting known work-arounds/fixes; help with config'ing systems for DL play; how to fix broken installations and corrupted disks; news and updates on programming projects related to or inspired by DL; a "Where are they now?"; a Hall of Fame; links to related historical topics and resources; and more!   ...even how the site got its name.

Delcar's Dungeon has a little page which features tips about fame, Saints, training, and a version of the table of alchemical formulas from out of darklist which is more convenient and easier to read and use than the one found in the faq! Delcar's Dungeon is ruled by Shannon Ward.

Infinite Justin - Justin's site features did a little write-up on Darklands. Hard to find from the opening page, it has to be found through the search function on the site.

Eskimo North is a little ISP based in Seattle, Washington USA and has been the home of the Darklands Domain since it's inception in 1998. They feature a standard, no-frills, straightforward, UNIX-based service with nation-wide connections. Check them out!


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