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Files and Downloads

ere in "Files & Downloads" you will find patches, editors, and other miscellany to help you prepare and train for the hard adventures ahead. By their nature, they may require an adventurer's concentration be turned –robbing the blissful suspension of disbelief like bandits in the night– whereas "tools" differ in that they may be used while remaining immersed in a world of fantasy and lore. Most files are in the ZIP format. You'll need an unzip utility to open these files.


Demos and Patches

demo.zip [1.30 M] Darklands Demo
dlpatch4_6.zip [812 K] Darklands patch for version .04 to .06. Includes readme file.
dlpatch5_6.zip [831 K] Darklands patch for version .05/.051 to .06. Includes readme file.
dlpatch6.zip [1.2 M] Darklands patch for any version to .06. Includes readme file.
dlpatch6_7.zip [614 K] Darklands patch for version .06 to .07. Includes readme file.
dlroland.zip [107 K] Darklands patch for Roland sound cards. Includes readme file.


Utilities, Editors, Cheats, and Aides

english.zip [94 K] Darklands Install Utility (English version) - This utility allows your Darklands setup files to reside in a single directory on your harddrive, CD-ROM, or any other mass-storage device. For support, contact Matt.
german.zip [94 K] Darklands Installationswerkzeug (Deutsch) - Dieses Hilfsprogramm ermöglicht die Installation von Darklands aus einem einzelnen Verzeichnis auf der Festplatte, CD-ROM oder anderer Massenspeicher heraus. Falls sie Unterstützung benötigen, kontaktieren Matt.
dlbonus.zip [74 K] The Darklands Bonus Disk utilities, published by Microprose Labs, and supplied with the Clue Book and "Master Player's" editions of Darklands. Includes the Art Gallery (ArtGllry), Jukebox (Jukebox), and Character Editor (Editor) tools. Not included on German version!

dked_dos.zip [60 K]

Darklands Editor 1.0. Includes source code and readme file, courtesy of author - Steven J. Cotellesse.
dled_11.zip [70 K] Darklands Editor 1.1, an update to Steven's classic original. Includes a readme file.
dlque11.zip [23 K] Darklands Quest Lister for DOS. Includes source code, courtesy of author - Steven J. Cotellesse.
dkqw.zip [323 K] Steven gives us a Windows 9x version in this update to his very popular Darklands Quest Lister. Includes a readme file.
dlq.zip [212 K] Michael Petzold's Darklands Quest Lister - Based on Steven's Darklands Quest Lister for Win9x utility, this version features DkSort integrated within. This is a Win32 program requiring Borland C++ 5.0 Windows Runtime Libraries. Includes GPL license, source code, and readme file.
newdksort.zip [53 K] Michael Petzold's Saved Games Sorter for Windows 9x - modified and recompiled for use in Windows. View the README file [2 K] here. Source code is provided courtesy of the author.
converter.zip [6 K] Darklands Monetary Converter 1.1 for Win9x - written by Jerry "Deth-B0y" Kelly. Requires Microsoft VB Runtime Library (VB40032.DLL). Includes readme file.
uge10.zip [131 K] Universal Game Editor from author's homepage. See the UGE doc, and the module's README.TXT and DARKLAND.LST, for a functional description. You'll need the Darklands module for the UGE below.
drklnd.zip [15Kb] UGE Darklands module. Readme file included.
Darklands File Formats Merle has gathered together and coalated his notes to give you an insider's view of how the game works. A must-see!
PicViewer3 [80 K] Inspired into action by Merle's labours, Joel "Quadko" McIntyre has devined the nature of the MPS Labs PIC file – to the benefit and enlightenment of all adventurers, meek and mighty alike! (for Windows; includes readme & project source code)
AlteredAlchemyImages [40 K] Joel "Quadko" McIntyre has created a nifty workaround for the problem of interrogation by the copy-protection scheme during gameplay -- a PITA any time it may occur, but especially when playing full-screen in an emulator, e.g. DOSBox. He has created a set of tiles that show you the answer inside the game itself, without having to reference the manual or printed cheatsheet. The README file included in the AlteredAlchemyImages archive provides a basic explanation. Visit the AlteredAlchemyImages page for full details.


Miscellaneous Files

moslo131.zip [35 K] Mo-Slo 1.31 slows down modern computers for games coded to run on 386/486 systems. Includes readme file.
Cute Mouse Cute Mouse from SourceForge.Net's free DOS project is a great real-mode mouse driver that uses only 3.5k of memory. It's free!
VDMSound VDMSound is a program that overcomes what has probably been the most exasperating limitation of DOS boxes since Windows NT -- sound support. VDMSound is an open, plug-in oriented platform that emulates an MPU-401 interface (for outputting high-quality MIDI music), a SoundBlaster compatible (SB16, SBPro 2, SB2, SBPro, etc.) implementation (for digital sound effects and FM/AdLib music), as well as a standard game-port interface (for playing games with joystick support).
Tumi3D.zip [400 K] Tumi's 3D Swords - Here is a set of animated cursors sent to me by a friend. {-mwirkk}
Darklands FAQ 1.0(text) dlfaq10.zip [48 K] Darklands FAQ v1.0, dated October 1995
dlfaq11.zip [52 K] Darklands FAQ v1.1, dated November 1995
dlfaq12.zip (ETA:TBD) Darklands FAQ v1.2, dated August 1996
Darklands FAQ 1.2.1 (main text only) dlfaq121.zip [80 K] Darklands FAQ v1.21, dated October 1996
Darklands FAQ 2.0 (text) Darklands FAQ 2.0, dated February 1998
(dlfaq20.zip coming soon?)
Darklands FAQ 3.0 (text) Darklands FAQ 3.0, dated October 2001
(dlfaq30.zip coming soon?)
music A growing collection of Darklands-related music is available on the Darklands Domain's music page.


Saved Games

MLQ Neon-hair Bug Mary-Lou Quick contributes this write-up on the infamous hair color bug. At (possibly) random times, the hair color of your party changes, more often than not for the worse.
Jochem's Purple Hair [25 K] Jochem Verberg shoots us this .SAV. Before and after of a party that just wants to be purple. It happens with an encounter with a Raubritter just NW of Ulm in winter of 1401/1402. Jochem says these whacky adventurers have even turned green or blue!
Francis' Dksave0 [27 K] Francis shares some goodness with us. This file starts your party out in Worms at the Schmerker Inn.
Francis' Dksave1 [28 K] SAV in which the party is after the dragon "Venifer". This is the mad priest scenario. Thanks to Francis for the file.
Francis' Dksave2 [28 K] Another SAV which mirrors the one above. Thanks to Francis for the file.
Francis' Dksave3 [28 K] Another dragon meeting, this time with the the great serpent "Gorgorex". Francis comes through again with the lovin'.
Francis' Dksave4 [28 K] Ever wonder where the Devil's Bridge is? It's right here! Who else but Francis with the goodness?



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