version 2.0 (February 1998)

put together by

CMB: C. Michel Boucher
FF: Fred Farzanegan
DA: Dennis Ahr
AvL: Alexander von Lünen
MEB: Marilyn E. Burford (ad636@ccn.cs.dal.ca)
GRL: Garrett R. Le-Page (lepag001@maroon.tc.umn.edu)
© 1996-1998 (except for quoted material, as indicated)
Specifically for version 483.07 of Darklands

Table of contents:



2. TECHNOBABBLE 3. GAME CONSIDERATIONS - Early game (raubritters, thieving, demoniac villagers) 4. GAME CONSIDERATIONS - Taking on tougher things (knockers, witches and the Wild Hunt) 5. LISTS, TIPS & OTHER PARAPHERNALIA FOR THE DARKLANDS VOYAGER Additional Files

Changes to the FAQ

A quick note before beginning. This FAQ reflects the many considerations that could be brought to it by the four principal authors (Michel, Fred, Dennis and Alex), as well as input from various sources (Marilyn - proofreading, Garrett - Summary of Darklands Hint Book). As much as possible, authorship of a particular section is indicated. Where there are comments, these are inserted with the preface NOTE and the initials of the note's author in brackets. Quotes are indented and, unless a different provenance is given, are to be understood as coming from Microprose literature on DARKLANDS.

Also please note that the Introduction and sections 1 and 2 were largely written or put together by CMB as drafts of the FAQ project and have not changed much since.

The current v2.0 update was done by CMB and submitted to the other authors for their approval.