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Writs, Rumours, and Whisperings

"Sacrifices" (aka Diebin Am Nacht),   by Timothy Parker


Hauberk:  A Medieval coat of armor, usually of chain, scale, or banded mail.
Kastenbrust:  A characteristically German breastplate.
Pike:  Exceptionally long (18'-21') and heavy (16-20lbs) two-handed weapon resembling an extremely long spear. Popular infantry weapon for stopping cavalry charges.
Rhinegulden:  "Rhine Gold," another name for the Florin, a very valuable gold coin, usually carried by noblemen or rich merchants, named for their minting in many of the wealthy Rhine cities.
Scramasax:  A long knife, or short sword, usually having a single edge with an angled back-edge that extended to the thickened back of the blade for perhaps a third of its length. Having a simple grip of bone or wood and no pommel or guard, it was a favored weapon of the Anglo-Saxons and Norsemen.
Diebin am nacht:  German for "Thieves in the night."


Herr:  German for "Sir, Master, Gentleman."
Nett Hund:  German for "Nice Doggie."
Score:  A unit of measure; Twenty of something.
Terce, Lauds; Medieval time keeping:  The standard "clock" used in the Middle Ages was based upon the routine of prayers in monasteries. There were eight of these "hours" or "offices" during the day. Roughly, three "modern" hours equaled one "monastic" hour. Terce was 9am, and Lauds 3am.

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All Characters and Situations
Copyright © 1994
by Timothy Parker.
All Rights Reserved.

 Timothy Parker
 700 E. Kansas St.
 Broken Arrow, OK 74012
 email to: 'timeras' at cox.net
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All Characters and Situations Copyright © 1994 by Timothy Parker.
All Rights Reserved.

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