Darklands FAQ v3.0

7.0 Revision History

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1 - November 1995

  • Correspondence between Erik Novales and Microprose added, concerning a sequel to Darklands (section 1)
  • Small addition to AvL's note on defeating Raubritters (section 3)
  • Note from AvL to his former bug report, and report about a new bug encounter (section 2)
  • Addition to AvL's work on mines' problem iii) (section 4.3)
  • A small note on teachers by AvL, included in the 'Alchemy'-section (section 3.10)
  • Info on Arnold Hendrick's work at Microprose by CMB (section 1)
  • Notes on fighting tactics by FF (section 3.9)
  • Notes on character generation by DA (section 3.1 - new section)

Changes from v1.1 to v1.2 - August 1996

  • Reference to Arnold Hendrick having worked on DRAGONQUEST for SPI removed (Section 1). CMB checked his copy and found out it wasn't Arnold.
  • Two oddities (accommodation bug/cheat, friendly alchemist bug/cheat) discovered by Gui Terence Ang added to Section 3.
  • A nice cheat at the Innkeeper's discovered by Michael Nemeth, added to Section 5.
  • An additional WWW link added to Section 2. It's a review at GamesDomain, link to there provided by Matt L. Wirkkala.
  • A report on the disappearance of Darklands on Jojo's list, and the resulting discussion between FF and Jojo included in Section 1.
  • A note was included in the 'Dragons'-subsection of Section 4, that there is detailed info on dragons available at the end of Section 5.
  • Note on teachers moved from Section 3 (Alchemy) to Section 5 (List of cities, cathedrals, universities).
  • Reference to another RPG added that Arnold Hendricks was involved in, by CMB in Section 1.

Changes from v1.2 to v1.21 - October 1996

  • Some minor bugs in the HTML code fixed.
  • Code-Sheet of DARK LAND, provided as PDF-File, put online. Resulting of that, links in the HTML-Files were included to download the file. (Section 6 and 1)
  • Links to mirrors of the Dresden games FTP-Server included. (Section 2)
  • A note by Gary E. Bloom on the CD version and its included (or not included) manuals (Section 1)

Changes from v1.21 to v2.0 - February 1998

  • Biggest change is creation of a permanent home at this site (Conk!World)
  • Cosmetic changes to the appearance of the FAQ (mostly coding glitches)
  • Minor changes to the text (typos, a few minor additions, nothing substantial)
  • Removal of version comments inside the text itself
  • Addition (hopefully soon) of a section on Running through Win95
  • Addition of extra files related to DARK LANDS (DLED.ZIP among others)
  • Addition of a What's New section instead of adding comments in text (coming soon)

Changes from v2.0 to v3.0 - October 2001

  • Updated code to XHTML 1.0 standards
  • Introduced CSS1/CSS2 to aid in administration and reduce code
  • Introduced new pagination scheme
  • Introduced new navigation scheme
  • Rewrote item 1.3 "Where do I find Darklands now?"
  • Added information for running Darklands under Windows 95 and later
  • Added information for running Darklands under Linux
  • Added information on accurate sound emulation with modern hardware
  • Added information on slowing down the game for playability
  • Completely reorganized Sections 3, 4, and 5 for more logical flow
  • Removed section: "Additional Files"
  • Created separate section for cluebook summary (now Section 6)
  • Deleted some redundant information
  • Added more integration with Darklands website (www.darklands.net)


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