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  • The FreeLands Development Guild:  

  • FreeLands represents the efforts of a small group of dedicated individuals committed to developing one of the best open, cross-platform (game) programming API's you are likely to find anywhere. The heart of the Freelands Game Development Kit (FreelandsGDK) is the "WildfireZ ™" drivers kernal, a trade mark of Ultratech Creations. The FreeLandsGDK uses a flexible, open, plug-in architecture, which allows complex projects and tasks to be more easily broken-up into manageable pieces – allowing individuals (or small groups) to either work and contribute independently, or participate as a collaborative whole.
    {The FreelandsGDK provides an open, modular architecture that can help the needs of ever-demanding project-cycles to be met. But also, within the origins of this effort is the desire to enable talented, dedicated individuals – fans of old, abandoned, and forgotten favourites – to take make *real* their inspiration. In the case of Darklands, for example, many times have groups and individuals talked-about the possibility of an *independent* sequel (and some, even started!), only to find the organization, management and execution of such an effort too difficult. Too challenging. Too overwhelming. Until NOW! The organizational flexability that open source, coupled with modular plug-in design, allows is extremely important if small, upstart, garage developers are to survive the increasing scale of leading-edge technology development, today and in the future.}   -MLW  :)
    The group has a web-site at http://www.ultratechcreations.com/Freelands/, but most activity takes place on the FreelandsGDK mailing List at http://www.egroups.com/group/FreelandsGDK/. The group is lead by Darklands List member(s), Michael H ("otherGM") is the group owner, and Kneem is a chief participant. Below is the group's description:
    "This list focuses on game programming, scripted applications, and plugins. The Freelands Developer's Guild is currently designing and implementing a plugins-based game engine designed specifically for tomorrow's demanding game applications. It is currently available for the Windows platform. It is language independent and accessible by developers using C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, and Perl. Developers can customize the game engine and switch-out components on the fly, at runtime. Plugins capability can be easily added to existing applications. Scripting capabilities will also be supported. It is freeware and open source. Ideas from non-programmers welcome."

  •  The Neural Jazz Factory!
    The Neural Jazz Factory,based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a start-up computer software development company with a view on game design which is quite refreshing, as well as provocative! They combine the talents of software engineer David Lewis and writer-editor Bob Kelly. "EdgePlay ™", a massive multiplayer conspiracy game supporting Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms, will be their first release. Slated for mid-2000, it is now in the beta-test stage. Darklands List member Bob Kelly, Vice President of Neural Jazz Factory, is available for additional comment. He can be reached at (505) 256-7250 or via e-mail at bkelly@neuraljazz.com. For more information about the Neural Jazz Factory or EdgePlay, visit their web-site at www.neuraljazz.com.
    ...Read their manifesto, and sign-up for the beta-testing program!


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  • Matt's "Schmerker Inn on the Web!"
    a.k.a. "Darklands on FastFish at the North Pole", this site was founded to suppliment the content of the DLFAQ. At the "Schmerker Inn", you can find: updates on where to find your own copy of DL; links to other sites which feature DL; mirrors of some other's sites (incase links are found to be temporarily broken); an other information about the game. Planned future additions to the site include: a trouble shooting page to focus on the reporting of DL bugs, and posting of known work-arounds or fixes; info to help you config your system to play DL; historical info relating to DL; programming projects related to DL; and more(!) ... Matt's homepage is called FastFish at the North Pole.

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