The Fanatasy Role-Playing Game of Medieval Germany


(Original IBM Version)


Concept, Game System, Project Management Arnold Hendrick


Game Design Arnold Hendrick
and Sandy Petersen
with Doug Kaufman,
Jim Synoski,
and Doug Whatley


Programming Jim Synoski
and Doug Whatley
with Bryan Stout


Art Artino
Chris Soares
Jackie Ross
Rawn Martin
Patrick Downey
Erroll Roberts
and David Menehan
  with Art Direction by Michael Haire


Manual Written by Arnold Hendrick
  Director of Publication Design Iris Idokogi
  Layout by Juanita Bussard
  Illustrations by Artino


Editing Managing Editor, B.C. Milligan
  Manual editing by B.C. Milligan
and Doug Kaufman
  Game text editing by Jonatha Caspian


Music Composition Dr. Jeffery Briggs


Sound Programming Ken Lagace
Jim McConkey
and Scott Patterson


Packaging Creative Design by Moshe Milich
  Box Illustration by L.M. Jones


Testing Michael Craighead
Al Roireau
Chris Hewish
Frank Brown
Timothy Train
Mike Corcoran
David Osborn
Vaughn Thomas
Michael Rea
Jeff Johannigman
Nick Yuran
Ted Markley
and Bill Stealey.
  Clue Book citations Jennifer MacNeal *
James Neal
Jim Gomez
Bill Burten
Brian Hellesen
Andy Mazurek
Roland Rizzo
Greg Dembeck
and many others...


*  (These credits weren't yet available when origional manual went to press).


Written by Arnold Hendrick
Copyright © 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995 by MicroProse Software, Inc. All rights reserved.



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