We received the following from Jerry Hagen (ja-hagen@students.uiuc.edu) dated Fri, 17 Apr 1998:

Thanks for a well-designed, exhaustive FAQ. I did find one error in section 3 of v2.0. It is mentioned in the section on "getting jobs" that town leaders do not pay for the successful accomplishment of their tasks. This is incorrect. If you successfully accomplish a task for a town leader, look at your money total before and after you talk with him. You'll find that you have received between 20 and 40 florins as a reward, although the text doesn't tell you that. (The cash reward varies slightly if you save and reload, but not by more than 2-3 florins--so I've found--not enough to justify a minor act of cheating for me, especially since my party's pretty rich by that point in the game anyway.) The best rewards, I have found, are for defeating raubritters--in addition to 30+ florin cash rewards, your party's reputation is increased to at least 50 (local hero). For other town leader tasks, I have found only a 20-30 point increase in local rep. By the way, I'm running v483.07.

We have sent a letter to Microprose, twice, requesting that they release DARKLANDS as public domain. The text of the letter can be found by clicking here

Updated: May 17, 1998